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Official dealer of Honda/HRCNSF100 spare parts

KITACO Racing is on with news and pics

the biggest 
in Europe

since 2008
look at the racing seasons

Please contact us for further details

we also buy pre owned NSF100
Important: prices in this page are without VAT - Please read the VAT notes at bottom of the page

NSF 100

nsf100.jpg (17764 byte)
NSF100_f-r.jpg (35360 byte)NSF100_left.jpg (45336 byte)
HRC-NSF100 w.jpg (144865 byte)

Honda HRC NSF100

Single Cylinder Engine, 4 st, air cooled
Displacement: 99,2cc - Bore & Stroke: 53 x 45 mm
Rapp. Compress. 9.4:1
Max. Power: 6,2kW/9.500 rpm
Max. Torque: 7,4Nm/7.000 rpm
Carburetor PD22 (mm) - CDI Ignition
5 speed transmission - Single disc hydraulic brakes
Tires: front. 100/90-12 48J - rear. 120/80-12 54J
Lenght 1.556 mm - Width 595 mm
Height 911 mm - Weelbase 1.074 mm
Seat height 681 mm
Dry weight 73,6 kg

Retail Price 4.333 EUR (VAT not included)

contact us for availability and special prices

HRC-NSF100_1.jpg (13832 byte) HRC-NSF100_2.jpg (7498 byte) HRC-NSF100_3.jpg (10373 byte) HRC-NSF100_4.jpg (7755 byte)

Genuine spare parts HRC
NSF100frontpage.png (118019 byte)

As owner of the HRC NSF100 you may have the "user manual" book containing the spare part list.
If you do not have it you may download it.

Most of the spares are immediately available, if not in stock, delivery times can vary from 15 to 30 days
Many parts are not available in Europe: we get them directly from Japan.

In your order you must specify the page and the part number as in the Parts Book.

download here the
NSF100 HRC Part Book (PDF 1.8Mb, 52 pages)
NSF100 User manual (PDF  3.7Mb, 78 pages)

Contact us for info
fax: +39 0377 436280
tel: +39 0377.413015

(also available UltraSE 100)

UltraSE125_Kitaco_eng_W.jpg (91842 byte)
Assembled in Japan
equipped with the following special Kitaco components:
(the other parts are genuine Honda)
crankshaft, piston rod, piston, aluminum cylinder, barrel chrome, UltraSE 2V head, head cover with additional ducts, housing with special replaceable oil filter, oversized oil pump, connections for oil cooler, radiator fittings, clamps and hoses, Iridium spark plug Denso IY24, plug cap, reinforced clutch springs, magnetic oil bolt, etc..

Available on request; inquire for price


The largest 
spare parts and accessories choice

- Floating front disc
- Forks reinforced pumping kit
- Steering damper
- Complete racing exhaust system (2 types)
- Ignition
- Oil cooler kit
- Front and rear sprocket (all sizes)

engines and power kits deltaimport
is official KITACO importer in Italy
here you can find only the originals

NSF100-b-P198.jpg (195842 byte) NSF100-a-P198.jpg (184428 byte) NSF100-d-P198.jpg (235004 byte)

4 kind of power kits
Complete tuned engines

212-1418780.jpg (240572 byte) 221-1413700.jpg (121359 byte) 330-1413210.jpg (252672 byte)
331-1413000.jpg (153547 byte)
305-1122100.jpg (136436 byte) 751-1413100.jpg (105780 byte)

570-1418100.jpg (89862 byte) 523-1418000.jpg (265037 byte) 500-1418800.jpg (125229 byte)
532-1122100.jpg (201223 byte)
680-1418210.jpg (117905 byte) 

and more!

For info or orders
click here


NSF100 standard

Power Rev CDI Kit:
Digital control unit without limiter
art. 766-1123300
47.33 EUR

Wiring adapter for original tachometer
art. 768-1418300
83.83 EUR

766-1123300.jpg (132126 byte) 768-1418100.jpg (171614 byte)

load ajuster set
(for original front forks)

RegistroForcelle.png (605563 byte)


to be used instead of the original

very light

work with original forks SHOWA
adjustment range: 0-9mm

P/N 502-0030000: 66.92 EUR (pair)

Fork inner kit
(for original front forks)

500-1418990.jpg (79565 byte)
499-1418100.jpg (86282 byte)




make the forks working
more progressive and intuitive

Fork inner spring (pair) P/N 500-1418990: 69.58 EUR
fork inner kit (pair) P/N 499-1418100: 34.83 EUR 

We recommend the use of both components together
for optimal result

500-141891x_W.jpg (88760 byte)new500-1418910.jpg (282324 byte)

Front brake pump guard

particular for NSF100, protect the very expensive pump from crashes

anodized ergal in 4 colours:
- blu - red - black

P/N 500-1418910/11/12: 17.83 EUR

093-1064000.jpg (88488 byte)093-1074100.jpg (110366 byte)Axel collars
ergal made by KITACO
particular for NSF100
front weight
: 41g (genuine 137g)
rear weight: 36g 
(genuine 126g)
total weight gain: 186g

front (chrome) P/N 093-1064000: 17.00 EUR
rear (chrome) P/N 093-1074100: 17.00 EUR
colours: chrome only available

523-1418000.jpg (265037 byte)Kitaco_523-1418000_montate.jpg (299860 byte)back step holder
lightweight KITACO
particular for NSF100

3 positions

art. 523-1418000: 180.32 EUR 

530-10102xx_Pignone_Kitaco_meas.jpg (104839 byte)530-10102xx.jpg (254602 byte)Front Sprokets
specific for the NSF100 (for 420 or ultralight 415 chains)

S45C iron - lightweight, long lasting

available types
420: 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17
13.00 EUR
415: 15 - 16 - 17 - 18

Corone_Sitta_W.jpg (89357 byte) ERGAL made Rear Sprokets (7075-573-3)
built for the NSF100 (for 420 or ultralight 415 chains)
lightweight - long lasting

Available measures: from 26 to 34 - starting from 32.00 EUR

made in Italy

535-10362xx_1W.jpg (66261 byte) Iron Rear Sprokets
built for the NSF100 (lightened)
long lasting - lighter than standard

Available measures: from 28 to 40 - 15.00 EUR

made in Japan

we are dealer of the Japanese manufacturer of famous brand
racing chains

available 2 types of chain fitting to NSF100

Ultralight 415ER Racing GP 120 mesh
for use with front and rear sprocket 415
art. OG401225120  59.50 EUR

Ultralight 420NZ3 124 mesh
for use with front and rear sprocket 420
art. OG401235124  34.00 EUR

 DID_ER415_120_W.jpg (107502 byte)DID_420NZ3_124_W.jpg (102922 byte)

515-0000500.jpg (98901 byte)Trombette_W.jpg (68600 byte) for Mikuni VM26 (KIT 100cc)
(43mm) P/N 515-0000430 - 20.58 EUR
(43mm) P/N 514-2001430 - 17.00 EUR
for Keihin PWK28 (KIT 125cc)
(50mm) P/N 514-0000500 - 20.58 EUR
(50mm) P/N 514-2001500 - 17.00 EUR
special funnel
(50mm) P/N 514-0500200 - 27.67 EUR
for Keihin TMR28 (KIT 125cc)
funnel P/N 514-0400100 - 51.75 EUR


100cc Ultra-SE

1st step:
Ultra SE Head kit P/N 221-1413700
Mikuni VM26 carburetor P/N 401-1013003
VM26 intake kit P/N 410-1122900-MD
air funnel P/N 514-2001430 (17.00)
or air filter P/N 515-0000430 (20.60)
1068.42 or 1072.02 EUR

221-1413700.jpg (121359 byte)  410-1122900.jpg (130018 byte) 401-1013003.jpg (149423 byte)

2nd step:
Cooling kit P/N 330-1418210
Oversized oil pump kit P/N 331-1413000
Special head cover with additional ducts
P/N 310-1418400
676.91 EUR 

330-1418210.jpg (173125 byte) 331-1413000.jpg (153547 byte) 310-1418400-P18.jpg (86709 byte)

Complete Kitaco ignition (variable advance)
P/N 751-1413100
685.75 EUR

Complete Malossi ignition (fix advance)
P/N M5514304:
375,00 EUR

Malossi_5514304_W.jpg (206463 byte)      751-1413100.jpg (105780 byte)
Malossi       -      Kitaco

Racing exhausts

by Yoshimura or Yamamoto
made in Japan



Yamamoto_exhaust_NSF100_A1 Yamamoto_exhaust_NSF100_B1.pngYamamoto_exhaust_NSF100_B2.png

Yoshimura Titanium Cyclone: 945,00 - 10%=850,00 EUR
Yamamoto down: 750,00 - 10%= 675,00 EUR
Yamamoto up: 750,00 - 10%= 675,00 EUR


125cc Ultra-SE

1st step
Ultra SE125 kit P/N 212-1418780
1394.58 EUR

Keihin PWK28 kit P/N 110-1122900
carburetor body
choke extension
complete manifold kit
air funnel
fuel line
gas control knobs
spring and jets

383.42 EUR

PWK28 body only P/N 401-1083128 - 214.92 EUR

212-1418780.jpg (234990 byte)

110-1122900.jpg (309702 byte) 

2nd step
Cooling kit P/N 330-1418210 (538.58)
Oversized oil pump P/N 331-1413000
Special head cover with additional ducts
P/N 310-1418400
676.91 EUR 

330-1418210.jpg (173125 byte) 331-1413000.jpg (153547 byte) 310-1418400-P18.jpg (86709 byte)

Complete Kitaco ignition (variable advance)
P/N 751-1413100
685.75 EUR

Complete Malossi ignition (fix advance)
P/N M5514304:
375,00 EUR

Malossi_5514304_W.jpg (206463 byte)      751-1413100.jpg (105780 byte)
Malossi       -      Kitaco


U-SE upgrade from 100cc to 125cc
do not waste the 100cc kit already fitted: cylinder head, ignition, cooling kits are the same

Step 1
piston, pin, rings, gaskets
aluminum cylinder
 oil circulation fittings 

- 1048.67 EUR

100cc_up2_125cc.jpg (180594 byte)

Step 2
Keihin PWK28 kit P/N 110-1122900
carburetor body - choke extension
complete manifold kit - air funnel
fuel line -hardware - wire
gas control knobs - spring and jets

383.42 EUR

PWK28 body only P/N 401-1083128 - 214.92 EUR

110-1122900.jpg (309702 byte)


Mikuni TMR28

flat valve
accelerator pump
mechanisms on ball bearings
hyper sprayer
very compact and lightweight

easy access to replace
jets, needle, spring, etc

body (no funnel) P/N 401-1418111 - 601.92 EUR
Kit (as the picture on the right)
P/N 110-1418800 - ASK

Mikuni_TMR28.jpg (98277 byte)TMR28_PartList.jpg (323305 byte)

110-1418800.jpg (92874 byte)




307-1010600.jpg (142893 byte)To prevent slippage and fatigue, the 125 is strongly recommended to replace the clutch springs with reinforced ones .

P/N 307-1010600 - 9.17 EUR


VM26_ricambi.jpg (346407 byte)401-1083128_PWK28_W.jpg (213478 byte) Mikuni VM26 - Keihin PWK28
spare parts

all the single spare parts available:
gaskets, jets, springs, needles, springs, O-rings, valves, etc.

click on the picture to enlarge and recognize your item:
then search by the item code (red) in the part list for price


Other kits

145cc 2V - 100 / 125 / 145 4V 
212-1413800.jpg (124556 byte)
215-1417900.jpg (224136 byte) 215-1417920.jpg (198419 byte)

click here for info requests

these power kits are not permitted in the Italian MiniGP Championship



Race number stickers

Numeri_tabelle_W.jpg (25324 byte)cut on Avery700 vinyl 

meas. 11.2 x 5.9mm
colours: white and black
(other colours and font on request)

Single digit: 0.80 EUR
Bike Kit 3 numbers set: 4.50 EUR
for example if your number is 254 you'll get 3x2 3x5 and 3x4

Lightech for NSF100

Handlebar holders

fit to genuine Showa forks
Aluminium alloy.
diam. 30mm - height 20mm
Inclination: 10


P/NMOZ3020: 175.00 EUR

Handlebar tubes

Aluminium alloy


P/NMOZ1001: 50.00 EUR

Frame sliders

internal frame joint
and replaceable sliders



Fuel tank cap



P/NTF2: 67.00 EUR


310-1418400-P18.jpg (86709 byte)Special head cover KITACO
with additional oil ducts 

increases cooling and lubrication

 P/N 310 - 1418400: 91.00 EUR330-1122210.jpg (236239 byte)

with the cooling kit


Ohlins shock absorber made on our specifications by AndreaniOhlins_OH-NSF1.jpg (151356 byte)
rebound (33 step) and compression (22 steps)
length adjustment (20mm)
external gas tank - Weight: 1.5 Kg

P/N OH-NSF1: 850,00 EUR.

519-1418100_4W.jpg (37921 byte)519-1418100_3W.jpg (63014 byte)Aluminium swingarm
particular for NSF100
same wheelbase - with pivot and hardware
- lightweight - nice
only 1.720g
the genuine Honda weight 3 Kg - 1.280g less

P/N 519-1418100: 733.00 EUR

519-1418100_2W.jpg (29200 byte) 519-1418100_1W.jpg (31167 byte)

Carena_NSF100_1w.jpg (36315 byte)

Carena_NSF100_6w.jpg (13968 byte)
611-1418100.jpg (73153 byte) 611-1418910.jpg (152936 byte)

Carena_ant_W.jpg (84591 byte) Carena_int_W.jpg (159875 byte) Vasca_int_W.jpg (74853 byte)Codone_sotto_W.jpg (290188 byte)

Carena_NSF100_2w.jpg (12233 byte) 681-1418210N.jpg (47719 byte)
 Cupolino_W.jpg (48254 byte) Parafango_ant_Aero_W.jpg (22315 byte) Parafango_post_NSF100_W.jpg (28487 byte)

NSF100 cowl
new aftermarket

made in Slovenjia and Italy

solid - lightweight
same as the original

- Enhanced front end
- more extensive reinforcements looms
- Use the quick original couplings
- heat shields in the saddle
- New transparent fairing with protection
- contoured seat for quick removal of the

    2 seat cowl types:
1) same as the original
2) 4 cm sitting space longer
    contoured for quick fuel tank removal
    Total lenght is the same of the original

all parts are raw: must be painted

complete body (upper & lower cowl, seat cowl 1):
325.00 EUR
complete body (upper & lower cowl, seat cowl 2): 308.33 EUR
upper & lower cowl: 215.83 EUR
upper cowl : 157.50 EUR
lower cowl:   58.33 EUR
front fender standard (new - made in Italy):   29.18 EUR
front fender "aero" (
new - made in Italy):   65.83 EUR
rear fender "aero" (
new - made in Italy):   40.83 EUR
windshield (genuine HRC):   63.17 EUR
standard seat cowl (1):
124.17 EUR
longer seat cowl (2): 107.50 EUR
seat rubber (
new - made in Italy):   20.83 EUR

The prices does not include VAT
ex works our warehouse (shipment not included)

EU regulations about applying VAT are as follows:
Private buyers: VAT (22%) must be applied
Professional buyers (with VAT registr. Number): VAT will not be applied in our invoice

to purchase or  for any information requests click here