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LT_FTR02HMGP08_1W.jpg (135021 byte) LT_FTR02HMGP08_2W.jpg (158616 byte)

Adjustable rear sets
for Honda NSF100

adjustable - complete with pedal brake and gear
can be set with normal or reversed gear change.
Aluminum alloy. Also available parts of individual pieces

download the pegs spare list/drawing
(item numbers needed to order the spare parts)

item FTR02HMGP08: 335.00 EUR
 deltaimport price: 301.50 EUR

Adjustable rear sets for Honda - Ducati - Yamaha - Kawasaki - MV - Aprilia - Suzuki - Triumph - BMW
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Lightech_RFTR32_W.jpg (57150 byte)

RFTR71_W.jpg (66276 byte)

Adjustable rear sets spare parts

footpeg that attach to lever std length. 75mm
item RFTR32 
deltaimport price: 16.00 EUR

footpeg that attach to lever short length. 67mm
item RFTR86  deltaimport price: 16.00 EUR

footpeg that attach to support std length. 75mm
item RFTR45:  deltaimport price: 16.00 EUR

folding footpeg that attach to lever length. 78mm
item RFTR71  deltaimport price: 35.00 EUR

folding footpeg that attach to support length. 78mm
item RFTR72  deltaimport price: 35.00 EUR

RFTR52_W.jpg (47088 byte)

Front toe peg

the same for left or right lever


item RFTR52: 14,00 EUR
deltaimport price: 12.50 EUR

FTR280-N_W.jpg (38376 byte) FTR282-N_W.jpg (52642 byte)

set protection

right item FTR282: deltaimport price: 10.00 EUR

left item FTR280: deltaimport price: 10.00 EUR

Lightech_ricambi_W.jpg (93400 byte)

All the single spare parts

rear brake lever
Gear lever
Fix footpegs
folding footpegs
Heel guards
Frame sliders
front toe peg


Lightech_Contrappeso_Manubrio.png (55612 byte) Lightech_Coperchio_Pompa.png (31596 byte) Lightech_Frecce_led.png (42255 byte) Lightech_Leva_Freno.png (65869 byte) Lightech_Leva_Frizione.png (61158 byte) Lightech_Portatarga.png (339973 byte) Lightech_Supporto_cavalletto_1.png (53946 byte) Lightech_Supporto_cavalletto_2.png (46810 byte) Lightech_tendicatena.png (108260 byte) Lightech_Viteria_Bulloneria_4.png (607832 byte)
 Lightech_Viteria_Bulloneria_1.png (195055 byte) Lightech_Viteria_Bulloneria_2.png (141317 byte) Lightech_Viteria_Bulloneria_3.png (74658 byte) Lightech_Viteria_Bulloneria_5.png (55740 byte)
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Handlebar holders

for NSF100: fit to genuine Showa forks Aluminium alloy.
diam. 30mm - height 20mm Inclination: 10

NSF100: item MOZ3020: 175.00 EUR
deltaimport price: 157.00 EUR

All other fork diameter available: 48, 50, 51, 52, 53, 55

Handlebar tubes

Aluminium alloy


UNIVERSAL item MOZ1001: 50.00 EUR
deltaimport price: 45.00 EUR

Fuel tank cap

per Honda item TF2: 81.00 EUR
deltaimport price: 72.00 EUR

for Yamaha, Ducati, MV,  item TF1: 81.00 EUR
deltaimport price: 72.00 EUR

for all other types and color refer to the catalogue

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